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Here's what LEDBlinky can do:

  • Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. Note: LEDBlinky does not currently run on any Linux platform.
  • Supports the following LED Controllers; You can use multiple combinations of any of these LED Controllers.
    LEDBlinky also has a built-in Output system which broadcasts data over TCP or UDP protocols. This can be used by any custom or 3rd-party hardware (LED Controllers).
  • Supports MaLa, AtomicFE, GameEx and PinballX integration via plug-in OR stand-alone operation for HyperSpin, LaunchBox, Maximus Arcade, or any arcade Front-End (FE) software.
  • Light active and/or inactive controls for MaLa, AtomicFE, GameEx, PinballX, HyperSpin, LaunchBox, or Maximus Arcade user interface.
  • Light active and/or inactive controls for MAME emulation.
  • Light active and/or inactive controls for other emulators.
  • Easily configure control attributes (color, intensity, spoken action, input codes, etc.) on a game by game basis, or define defaults for each emulator.
  • Remapping controls (MaLa, AtomicFE, GameEx, PinballX, HyperSpin, LaunchBox, Maximus Arcade or MAME) will automatically remap the associated LEDs.
  • With RGB LEDs, you can specify colors for individual controls or using a pre-defined colors.ini file, match the original game control panel button colors. Colors or intensities can also be customized on a game-by-game basis.
  • Use audio output (music or game sounds) to blink, fade, or animate LEDs - great for use with Jukebox software.
  • Blink and speak front-end UI controls by pressing a pre-defined "Help" button.
  • Blink and speak controls when pausing a game and/or play an LED animation (selected, random, random montage, or specific to each game) or use audio output (music) to animate the LEDs. This is a MAME only feature.
  • Flash start buttons when credits are available - this is a MAME only game dependent feature.
  • Light start and coin buttons based on active player count for the current game.
  • Full support for other MAME Outputs - light LEDs based on any output. Outputs can be linked to controls (P1_Button1, P2_Button2, etc.) or directly linked to an LED Controller/Port.
  • Extensive audio animation options let you completely customize how the LEDs blink to music or game sounds.
  • When starting a game, LEDBlinky can play an LED animation (selected, random, or specific to each game), speak the game name, speak each button "action" while blinking the button in its correct color, speak the primary controls, and speak a custom message. When speaking the game name or custom message, LEDs can blink in sync with the speech.
  • While playing a game, LEDBlinky can play a continuous LED animation (selected, random, random montage, or specific to each game) or use audio output (game sounds) to animate the LEDs. The LED animation will only effect unused controls.
  • When starting or quiting the front-end, LEDBlinky can play an LED animation (selected or random), and speak a custom message. When speaking the custom message, LEDs can blink in sync with the speech. An LED animation can also play whenever the front-end UI is active (including audio animations).
  • When changing game lists or emulator lists, LEDBlinky can play an LED animation (selected or random).
  • When the Front-End and/or Screen Saver is active, LEDBlinky can play a continuous LED animation (selected, random, or random montage) or use audio output (music) to animate the LEDs. Random custom messages can be played at predefined intervals. Berzerk mode is also available for the random messages.
  • When the Front-End is active, flash all or active buttons when any is pressed.
  • Other speech features are available - Choose from multiple voices (downloadable) and set the voice rate and volume.
  • Run (independent) LED animations for cabinet lights. These animations can run for all standard LEDBlinky events; FE Start, FE Quit, FE Active, FE Screensaver, Game Start, Game Pause, and Game Quit. Animations can also be specified for individual games. This feature requires an additional LED Controller for the non-control panel LEDs.
  • From the front-end user interface, game controls can be lit as you scroll through the game lists. This feature is currently only supported by MaLa, AtomicFE, GameEx, PinballX, HyperSpin, LaunchBox, and Maximus Arcade.
  • Designate LEDs as "Always Active" for use with coin, start, or administration controls.
  • Cocktail Mode lights all player controls for multi-player alternating games.
  • Use the LED-Wiz built-in blinking effects.
  • Set the GP-Wiz49 (for 49-Way joysticks) or Ultimarc UltraStik 360 joystick digital restriction based on the currently selected game's primary control.
  • Switch the Ultimarc ServoStik's restrictor plate between 4-way and 8-way based on the currently selected game's primary control.
  • Support for pre-defined controller files (X-Arcade, SlikStik, etc).
  • Supports the Pixelcade LED Marquee for Arcade Machines.
  • No Microsoft COM control dependencies.
  • Use the LEDBlinky Animation Editor to create your own animations.

Here's what the Animation Editor can do:

  • Quickly create and edit LED animations for supported LED Controllers (see above).
  • Generates optimized LWAX files supported by LEDBlinky.
  • Other LED applications (such as the MaLa LEDWiz plugin and GameEx LEDWiz plugin) also support the LWAX format.
  • Loads both LWAX and LWA animation formats.
  • Virtual control panel designer.
  • Supports both single type and RGB type LEDs.
  • WYSIWYG interface. Both the virtual control panel and actual control panel will show the LED intensity/color.
  • Real-time animation testing.
  • Advanced Fade and Color Transition Effects.

LEDBlinky Sample Screen Shots

Configuration Icon Configuration Application
Game Options
screen capture
Front-End Options
screen capture
Audio Options
screen capture
Miscellaneous Options
screen capture

Controls Editor Icon Controls Editor
Edit Game/ROM
screen capture
Add/Remove Controls
screen capture

Animation Editor Icon Animation Editor

screen capture

Input Map Icon Input Map Application

screen capture

LEDBlinky Demo Videos

Here's a few videos of LEDBlinky in action. Sorry about the poor video quality - my digital camera just can't handle the low lighting conditions all that well.

The first video demo's a bunch of LEDBlinky front-end and emulator features. The animation in this second video was created using the LEDBlinky Animation Editor.

This next video demonstrates some of the Audio Animation features.

LEDBlinky can light the active game controls and at the same time use the non-active controls for an animation. In this video, the controls for Asteroids are lit up and the other non-active buttons are synced to the game's audio using an Audio Animation.

These are older videos using version 2.0.

Asteroids using three game start speech features - Name, Controls, and Custom Text.

My control panel uses three LED-Wiz Controllers and the wiring is rather bizarre. For reasons I won't go into here (long story), I wired all the RGB blue leads to LED-Wiz ID1 and all the RGB green and red leads to LED-Wiz ID2. The animation file I created uses the same buttons and colors as NBA Jam and demonstrates the ability to address each LED-Wiz individually while keeping both in sync.

Single player game that uses TEN buttons, and the track ball!